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Our coffees


We  search, cup and pick all the varieties that being roast in our facilities or sale to other small batch roasters. 

Every year we have to work hard to accomplish this mission. We keep a close and reliable friendship with the producers, visit them once in a while and of course cup the new crops to assure the quality, the stability and the satisfaction of our clients. 



Coffee is an agricultural product and variant for many factors like countries, regions, crops, farm, processing methods etc. We are trying to do our best to maintain quality and taste of our coffees for the long term. 

Therefore, Ruth coffee is working for many years with the same farms and the same suppliers, all over the world. This is a hard mission that force us to keep in a good relation with suppliers, to forecast our needs and decrease competition-negotiation power for ourselves. 

It is also important for sustainability of the green coffee producers, who can count on us to keep buying every year.


For many years we have try to roast in different ways, but bottom line was that each coffee deserves its treatment. There are no two exact identical coffees. We prefer to roast each coffee for its best profile taste, and mix between varieties after. First we can absolutely control the blends profile taste. Second, we can identified changes with the same coffees (between crops, freshness, etc) and minimize the taste changes.

One of the main advantage we have today is roasting each coffee origin itself.  

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